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Product Data Sheet: FULLSTEP BJ
Properties Standard of Reference Unit of  Measure Results
Wear Warranty 10 years      
Safety Slip Resistance ASTM ADA Exceeds ADA
  (Coefficient of Friction) D-2047-82 Requirement requirements (> .6)
  Halogen Free Yes   Yes
  Asbestos Free Yes   Yes
  The product does not contain PVC, cadmium, formaldehyde, chlorine, fluorine, bromine, which
  could be highly toxic and corrosive in case of fire.    
Fire Behavior Critical Radiant ASTM E-648 Watt/cm2 Class 1
  NBS-Smoke Density ASTM E-662   < 450
Mechanical Hardness ASTM D-2240 Shore A 85 ± 5
Features Dimensional Stability DIN 51962 6 hours at 176°F No noticeable change
  Indentation ASTM F-36 mm ≤ .20
  Abrasion Resistance DIN 53516 mm³ < 160
    500 g. load    
    Taber Abrasion Test grams ≤ .5
    H-18 Wheel (1000 cycles)    
    500 gram load—    
    grams weight loss    
Resistance Color Stability DIN 53389 Numbers of 5-7
to Elements (Xenotest)   Blue Scale  
Over Time Resistance to DIN 51958 Visual Good
  Chemicals   Judgement (refer to the chart)
  Cigarette Burn DIN 51961 Visual Yes
  Resistance   Judgement  
Acoustical Acoustical Insulation DIN 52210 decibel 12 - 14 dB
Features (Noise Reduction)   (dB)  
Electrical Insulation DIN 53596 ohm  ≥ 1010
Features Static Generation DIN 54345 kV antistatic
  from Walking     < 2
Composition ACTIVA Rubber Flooring products are made of 100% synthetic virgin rubber (SBR - Styrene Butadiene
  Rubber), the finest quality minerals, organic stabilizing agents, vulcanizing agents, antioxidants and
  quality pigments. They DO NOT CONTAIN re-ground rubber, basic natural rubber, coarse mineral
  aggregates, fillers, sand or any fiber or material known to pose a health hazard in any of the phases
  of the manufacturing and use cycle.    
Technical specifications are subject to changes in the continual develoment of the products.