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Features for a Better Floor

ACTIVA Rubber Flooring is designed around a number of features intended to bring "Quality of Life from the Floor". This concept embraces throughout the lifetime of the product, from the manufacturing to its disposal. By selecting ACTIVA products you will give your contribution to the present and future environment.
Durable Products   Durable
With a ten (10) Year Limited Wear Warranty, ACTIVA is made to last the life of the application without wearing, cracking or breaking. Countless are the installations in areas of very heavy traffic (airports, stations, rail cars, buses, etc.) where the products have outlasted the life of the premises.
Sound Absorbent Products Sound Absorbent
The combination of highly flexible compounds and specific patterns provides a high level of noise abatement, thus creating a quiet environment.
Flexible and Resilient Products Flexible and Resilient
Flexibility and permanent resiliency are the main feature of all rubber flooring. ACTIVA enhances these distinctive features by using the highest quality rubber compounds and also maintains them throughout the life of the product. 
Safe Products Safe
Safety is the number one concern of industrial and commercial applications. With ACTIVA, the concept of safety embraces all the phases of the products life.

Before: all products are made with raw materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment and to the people during their manufacturing and handling process; FREE of ASBESTOS, HALOGENS and PVC.

During: The excellent performance in slip resistance, fire behavior, smoke emission and most importantly, toxicity of smoke, assures the safety in the workplaces and public places.

After: ACTIVA products do not generate toxic substances when disposed or incinerated at the end of its life cycle.

ESD - Static Control Products ESD - Static Control
Some of the ACTIVA products are available in the STATIC DISSIPATIVE version, made to provide the highest degree of Static Control in applications where the Control of Static Build-up and Static Discharge are of primary importance (hospitals, computer rooms, clean rooms, electronic manufacturing plants, etc.)
Oil Resistant Products Oil Resistant
The HP product line is uniquely formulated with a compound capable to withstand oil, grease and chemicals. This allows HP ACTIVA Rubber Flooring to be used in applications where oil, grease and chemicals are constantly present (food processing facilities, laboratories, car dealerships, beauty salons, etc.)
Fire and Smoke Emission Fire and Smoke Emission
ASTM, DIN, EN, BSS and other international standards regulating smoke and fire are met and exceeded, in line with our mission to bring "Quality of Life from the Floor".
Anti-Fatigue Products Anti-Fatigue
The main features of rubber flooring, flexibility and permanent resiliency, offer a very high degree of comfort under-foot and anti-fatigue effect. This is particularly important for those applications where people are standing on their feet while performing their job (offices, transit areas, waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, etc.).
Versatile Products Versatile
With ACTIVA, rubber flooring goes beyond the original concept of the studded tiles, while maintaining the original PIRELLI design in the BR line. Both classic and contemporary patterns expand designers' choice to express their creativity.
High value Over Time High value Over Time
No question: rubber is the most economical due to its long life cycle and low maintenance.
Easy Maintenance Products Easy Maintenance
ACTIVA compounds and patterns are designed to prevent build-ups, while self-waxing agents maintain luster. 
Look and Design Look and Design
With the combination of studded and many other profiles, ACTIVA brings the largest range of design, patterns and colors making it easy and pleasant to design with rubber flooring.
Easy Installation Easy Installation
Its high quality dimensional standards assure ease of installation.
The original and world leader From the Original
ACTIVA Rubber Flooring is the name born from the experience with PIRELLI, the originator of rubber flooring.
Environmentally Friendly Environmentally Friendly
No substances to harm the environment. Disposable as a normal waste.
(see environmental attributes)
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